Adeline Moore

Enthusiast of Learning

About Me

Hi! Thanks for stopping by my website. I’m an average 18 year old homeschool graduate, aspiring to be a library director. I am working towards a bachelor’s degree in business administration, and after I graduate college, I plan to get a Master’s in Library and Information Science. Currently, I enjoy learning about the science of productivity and human efficiency, business tycoons, and ancient societies.

I like to call myself someone who sees potential where most people think there isn’t any. I live in rural Ohio, a place that is similar to the “brain-drain communities” in research, and I love it. Even though I work as a minimum-wage assistant at my local library, I still see the benefit that my position gives to my community. I help a variety of demographics with technology support, education resources, and entertainment. I like to see that the kids who come in to play games while their parents are at work have a safe place to stay after school.

I also have also created and managed my own dog training start-up. While I have had to focus on schoolwork more recently, I learned a lot from my experiences over the past few years of running my business. It takes a lot more time management and organization that I originally thought it would, and that has helped me with many other aspects of my life.

Outside of my current work at both my library and college, I enjoy learning about self-development, psychology tactics for superior communication, and career strategies. While I want to continue working libraries, I still love to research different jobs and start-up opportunities in rural areas. Check out my blog for some of my thoughts on these topics!